500 Degree Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves

High temperature heat resistant gloves Recommended industries: industrial ovens, industrial tunnel furnaces, metal smelting, glass thermal processing, ceramic, solar cell production, bread room, steel and other high-temperature operating environment.

Product Details

500 degree C. Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves

Resistant to constant temperature up to short period of exposure to 500 C.
Meets : EN407 42XXXX & EN 388
Size : Free size. 
Length : 875px (14") /1000px (16")

Material combinations: 
Imported DuPont for aramid (KEVLAR) thick dense weave carpets, high temperature 500 degrees, the duration of each 15 to 20 seconds; 
and has anti-cutting, wear and other functions. 
Gloves inside Multi-layer insulation refractory material can effectively protect the user uses safe hands.
(Wear after a small amount of floating hair).
Good high temperature, anti - cutting performance.