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How to use high-voltage electroscope?

Oct 12, 2015

High-pressure electroscope is used to view the high voltage transmission lines and electrical equipment are charged what is used the most basic appliances in substations. High-pressure electroscope usually glow as a signal. New high-voltage electroscope, also has audio or speech as indicated. High-pressure electroscope job metal contacts, small neon lamp, capacitor, handles, and other components. Electroscope is guaranteed in all power outages or some power outages on electrical equipment jobs one of the important measures for security of personnel. "Attention to safety, care for life" concept of safe production operations continue to thoroughly implement. I contact the practice developed a more stringent inspection of more specific rules, get a prominent role in the practice. Now I check the relevant rules are as follows:

1, input using high-voltage electroscope is necessary to pass the electrical laboratory electroscope is, high-voltage electroscope necessary timing experiments, its features outstanding.

2, using high-voltage electroscope is necessary to wear high-voltage insulating gloves, insulating shoes, and with special care.

3, in use before the electroscope, should first check the electroscope is excellent, useful things, also charged that should be adapted to voltage identification of the alarm on the device properly, can demand to ground test on the device, stop using voltage does not correspond to the detector for inspection to avoid on-site inspection concluded that discrimination of the fault.

4 verification of the need for energy gathering, can do things not relating to inspection, such as cell phone, to avoid inspection or leak test.

5, line-by-test phase, to contact with circuit breaker or cutoff switch or other maintenance equipment when testing, inspection, each phase should be on each side of the outlet.

6, multilayer on lifter for overhead power lines when carrying out inspection, after the prior low pressure, high pressure, prior primary inspection, the posterior upper.

7, inspection at the capacitor should be its discharge end of.

8, top of the electroscope when testing metals operations gradually closer to live some of the contact, to the neon lamp luminous or acoustic alarm signal is stopped, charged some not directly touching the electrical equipment. Detector should not be under the influence of near charged objects, announced that the fault signal.

9 when using a ladder, check if power demand, the sturdy ladders of insulating material should be used, and should adopt the necessary slip way to stop using metal ladders.

10, after the inspection is complete, ground operation should occur, check back after suspension is not grounded in a timely manner, if demand continuing need inspection from scratch.