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Insulated boots and insulated protective equipment to wear

Oct 12, 2015

Insulation boots, and heel General of boots, and shoes in plans Shang not, insulation boots, and shoes in plans plans Shang selection insulation rubber information create of surrounding article, insulation layer constitute closed of insulation system to maintenance foot Department. General of boots, and shoes is not, General of boots, and shoes of big end of and sponge not with of insulation information, insulation ladder insulation function is low briefly relief electric. some leaked current up to 30mA far across security current, insulation boots shoes by only for motor can identification, pass ahead can factory. General boots shoes no this items begged.

Insulation protection appliances in monotone situation Xia wear is using who required informative of big questions, due to insulation protection appliances if is rich in must volume of water, makes its insulation body of volume resistance and rough resistance value greatly lost. water is conductor, due to water of exists, makes insulation body of insulation function greatly lost and damaged. due to water of Atomic composition angle aHOH=105. has strong of very function generated ion conductive, again a water in the has many impurities in hot, and light, and electric of infection Xia can occurred chemical transformation and natural generated conductive body, Damaged insulation functions, convergence monotony of the insulated protective equipment, can greatly road safety performance.