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Seat belt development trends

Oct 12, 2015

1. autonomous method

Social development is now so fast, increasing productivity, safety belts, types of insulated boots, also can not meet the now transformed the development of productive forces,

。 So, for satisfaction needs of constantly changes, belt this class hit more career, and more jobs of himself protection supplies, in type and layout Shang shouldn't rules have too detailed, except necessary of security function as impact, and accessories of damaged load, and important of scale needs and fundamental layout outside, should promised using who in not effect security of premise Xia, according to work places of needs independent selected belt of subject layout, and metal accessories, and security rope and the other accessories for combination, just arrived security function needs, on can using.

2. a body belt

Body belt is a new type of seat belt-free, high security, and maintenance functions, and a strap harness layout, simple, easy to use. This kind of business has been widely used in the world, in particular the United States most used throughout. Currently, China has some company to meet user and market needs, development of production of this species. With the accelerated process of China's participation in the World Trade Organization, the increase in world commodity trade, seat belts introduced, research, development and production of the goods, will advance the development of the whole of Chinese Professional belt level.