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Technical requirements for insulated gloves

Oct 12, 2015

Insulated gloves are insulating the wearer's hands and charged, personal protective equipment to prevent electric shock.

A, technical requirements

Should conform to the LD34-92 provisions of the insulating gloves for live working.

1 • surface quality and dimensions shall conform to the relevant requirements.

2 • mechanical properties: should comply with the relevant requirements.

3 • withstand voltage performance: should comply with the relevant requirements.

Second, the product

By using insulated gloves when the voltage is different, is divided into three products a, b, c; according to the material into insulating rubber insulating gloves and latex gloves categories.

1 • 5kV-resistant rubber insulating gloves: use insulation molding vulcanization molding of rubber gloves. Specifications: length (380 (10) mm, the thickness (1 (0. 4)mm。 Applies to power industry, industrial and mining enterprises and rural areas generally used in low-voltage electrical equipment wear. When the voltage below 1000V, as an auxiliary safety products.

12kV insulation resistance 2 • rubber gloves: gloves of insulating rubber molding vulcanization molding, beige, Brown, soft texture, twists and turns. Specifications type 380, full length 380mm (10MM, Middle 85mm (5mm;350, 350mm in length (10MM, long middle finger 82mm (5mm. Two types of palms, the thickness is 1. 8mm(0. 3mm, it tube Palmaris Longus thickness is 1. 4mm(0. 3mm。 Suitable for electric power industry as well as in industrial and mining enterprises in the operation of the high and low voltage electrical equipment wear. The gloves in a high pressure job with voltage more than 1000V, only as an auxiliary safety protective equipment, shall not be in contact with electrical equipment.

Third, the use of requirements

When using insulated gloves, should be in accordance with the specification for safety operation in power (DL408-91 and DL409-91) in the relevant provisions. Test once every 6 months for insulating gloves, test voltage (AC) HV insulating gloves 9kV leakage current (9mA test voltage for low voltage insulated gloves 2. 5kV, leakage current (5mA. When does not meet the requirements, you should immediately stop using.