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The human body can withstand the current and why do we wear insulated boots

Oct 12, 2015

Human of insulation resistance value in 800-1000 ohm, but this with people of lean, and skin of weight, and spring of size, and was of height inconsistent and different, certainly also and people of brawn force strength not and not. United States of security current specification workers frequency communication is 16mA, China of current specification is 14mA. General of environment, human in workers frequency communication 1mA or DC 5mA human on has Ma of feel, in workers frequency communication 14mA following can out power, If the communication frequency under the current 20-25mA DC 80mA body caused paralysis about pain, or difficulty in breathing, cannot be divorced from current time probably constitutes damage to life.

Electric job industry Shi, by delineation should wear insulation boots shoes for insulation maintenance, but accidentally open space strength increased or climate temperature high, not carefully body some touch with wall surface or grounding equipment, met relief electric Shi as will constitute shock injury, so although wear has insulation boots shoes in job Shi required preparedness body of other some grounding. in rainy climate although wear has insulation boots shoes probably with has insulation gloves and insulation ladder, but required equipment need of rain gear. preparedness insulation protective gear for wet conductive constitute body electric wounded.