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Top ten safe taboo

Oct 12, 2015

1. the blackout at home or factory power failure, check that the fuse in the switch is burnt out, burnt out, do not use copper wire, wires replaced, after receiving a good, Gram bar then.

2. the light has gone out in the House, when a replacement is needed, do not touch, you should first cut off the power supply to the, then jobs.

3. at home when cleaning, do not use wet hands or cloth to wipe appliance.

4. when the wires are damaged, use electrical tape wrapped tight, and do not use Scotch tape package.

5. cut wires, do not use ordinary scissors, should use a professional power tool for the job.

6. when laying lines indoors, do not use the single wires and cords, to avoid danger.

7. If in case of fire, don't look around with wires and electric appliances, do not use water directly out.

8. If anyone get an electric shock, do not directly save, make gram bar, use it to pick the line open, then save.

9. plug three plug units, do not use only 2-hole Plug and wiring to be installed.

10. when installing the lamp, ballast should not be installed directly on a metal shell.