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Use insulated gloves in the experiment why invented crack?

Oct 12, 2015

Charged lessons with insulation gloves in for high pressure experiment Shi, for irrigation height not specification or gloves cuffs not soaking some not monotone constitute high pressure Xia two level Zhijian has arc occurred, and in air in the discharge, occurred BA BA of movement, together on air occurred ionization, put air in the of oxygen ionization into ozone, ozone of concentration increased Shi on rubber, and constitute great of oxidation damaged, makes rubber cracked damaged, high pressure experiment on rubber, is damaged experiment, experiment a primary damaged once, so delineation in using in the to for preparedness sex experiment, Ensure the safety of users.

In accordance with the United States accounting for BureauofLabor: foot and leg protection: 66% leg and foot injured workers not wearing safety shoes, protective shoes, 33% is wearing casual shoes in General, injured workers, 85% are due to hit some unmaintained footwear.

To protect the legs and feet against item drop, rolled, sharp object, hot molten metal, rough, wet rough danger, workers must use secure foot control of protective clothing, safety shoes or boots or legging. the protective steel toe safety shoes must have met the effectiveness of preparedness and sharp material subject to offending, national norms.