IRONCLAD KONG Impact Rigger Gloves

IRONCLAD KONG Impact Rigger Gloves
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IRONCLAD KONG Impact Resistant Rigger Gloves


The Rigger glove is specifically designed for a rigger. It has dual layer Duraclad reinforcements on the rope channel of the glove to stand up to long periods of handling rope and cable while rigging. It also offers the same KONG back of hand protection that the Oil and Gas Industry demand.
1. Co-Developed by the Oil and Gas Industry's Safety Committee
2. Duraclad Rope Channel Reinforcement that is Strategically Placed on Rope Channel for Maximum Durability While Rigging
3. Kong Metacarpal Protection - 80% Impact Absorption
4. Kong Knuckle Protection - 90% Impact Absorption
5. Kong Patent Pending Finger Protection - 76.4% Impact Absorption Offers Sidewall and Complete Fingertip Protection