Class 4 40KV High Voltage Insulated Work Gloves

Description: Electrical insulated work gloves each test stamped for working voltages ranging from 2.5KV up to 40KV - manufactured to EN60903 Item: Class00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Applications: Ideal for electrical contractors, hybrid automotive repair/service or manufacturing, industrial plant maintenance, utilities, power generation, HVAC technicians, elevator installers, transportation (primarily rail)

Product Details

Class 4 40KV Natural Latex Electrical Insulated Gloves
Testing application: 40,000 Volts testing, 35,000 Volts working
Length 16.0-inch, 41cm
Color: Black

Acid and alkali resistant
Anti-stick coating and excellent smooth inner surface



These gloves are intended to be used exclusively by: