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Acid And Alkali Resistant Safety Shoes, Protective Shoes, Protective Shoes Be Careful Oh

Oct 12, 2015

Acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, protective shoes, protective shoes be careful Oh

Acid and alkali resistant footwear (boots) uses and considerations

(1) low concentrations of acid and alkali resistant shoes can only be used from the General acid-base workplaces cannot be soaked in acid and alkali for a long time in the job to prevent internal corrosion of acid and alkali solution into the shoes hurt foot.

(2) the acid and alkali resistant plastic boots and rubber boots, you should avoid contact with high temperature, sharps injuries vamp or sole cause of leakage, impact protection.

(3) acid and alkali resistant plastic boots and rubber boots to wear after use, rinse acid-alkali liquid, and then dry on the boots, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, the aging embrittlement of plastics and rubber, affecting life.