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Anti-static Shoes, And Conductive Footwear Uses And Considerations

Oct 12, 2015

Anti-static shoes, and conductive footwear uses and considerations

(1) the anti-static shoes, and conductive shoes have the Elimination of static electricity to build up the body of function, can be used in places where inflammable and explosive. However, it is two different anti-static shoes also prevent 250V power supply shocks, conductive shoes cannot be used in danger of electric shock sites.

(2) antistatic footwear has shockproof function, but prohibited when rubber shoes.

(3) the conductive shoes available in ESD shoes and should not wear thick wool socks and insulated insoles.

(4) ESD shoes anti-static floor should be the place, use conductive footwear sites should be conductive to the ground.

(5) the anti-static shoes should also be used with anti-static clothing.

(6) the anti-static shoes, and conductive shoes wear process, generally does not exceed 200h resistance test should be carried out once, if the resistance value is not within the specified range, you cannot be antistatic or conductive shoes shoes continue to be used.